Social Media Communication Readiness at Work [RESEARCH]

social media communications ready

Public relations team members should take the lead on social media communication across the spectrum of enterprise and corporations. The research says PR practitioners need to be social media communication ready, and since best practices are still evolving, PR could probably benefit from adopting a growth mindset and a social media policy that encourages coworkers…

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Digital Marketing Keynote Speaker

Marketing Keynote Speaker Every business is different. And every digital marketing keynote speaker presentation that award winning Eric Schwartzman delivers is different. He shares marketing examples and case studies from your business sector to inspire professionals, enhance productivity, and engage executives. An authority and change management champion, he always takes the time to connect with…

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The Digital Pivot Book

The Digital Pivot: Secrets of Online Marketing This book explains in simple language how to successfully move your business or career online. Eric Schwartzman, bestselling author of Social Marketing to the Business Customer, makes digital marketing so easy to understand anyone can do it. Get the big picture on what it takes to pivot to…

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B2B Sales and Marketing Alignment: 3 Blind Spots to be Mindful Of


Everyone in B2B sales and marketing these days is talking about aligning sales, marketing and even customer service to increase conversions and circumvent churn. The holy trinity of alignment has given life to a new management discipliner called revenue operations. As a life long student of the digital business strategy who wrote a best seller…

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3 Ways to Use Digital Media to Market Travel

Companies like Intel, Dell and Whole Foods have been bullish on providing their employees with digital marketing training programs. In travel, that hasn’t been the case. Over the last few years, the recession put travel marketers through the ringer. But now, as we emerge from the bottom, social media marketing is more important than ever…

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