PRSA Comes Out Against Payola

Hooray to the Public Relations Society of America‘s president Judith Phair for taking a strong stand against payola, responding to the recent discovery that Ketchum PR had paid Armstrong Williams to promote No Child Left Behind for the US Dept. of Education.

Here’s what she said, in a statement issued last week…

“As public relations professionals, we are disenhearten by undisclosed ‘pay for play’ tactics,” Phair continued. “This method of promotion does not describe the true practice of public relations. PRSA strongly objects to any paid endorsement that is presented as objective news coverage and is not fully disclosed. Such practices are clearly contrary to the PRSA Member Code of Ethics, which requires that public relations professionals engage in open, honest communications, and fully disclose sponsors or financial interests involved in any paid communications activities. We encourage all public relations professionals to follow the responsible and ethical practice of public relations, as outlined by our Code of Ethics.”