Our guest panelist is Allan Schoenberg (@allanschoenberg), director of corporate communications at CME Group (@cmegroup).
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In this episode: 

1. Match.com Lawsuit Raises Key Issue: Who's Responsible for Truth? - Is it your responsibility to share relevant information with your customers, even if you're not sure it's accurate?
2. Is Facebook ready for B2B? CME group is about to implement the new Facebook comment API into sections of its site. Traffic to our site from Twitter/FB has been going through the roof, Allan says. CME was initially skeptical about Facebook's B2B potential, but Allan is impressed with recent Is this a big new opportunity for B2B?
3. Google releases Analytics 5 and tests Multi Channel Funnel reporting Amy Chang, Director of Product Management, Google Analytics announced the new feature at AdTech SF last week. Justin Cutroni has a blog post on it, and we have a two part series with Justin coming up on this podcast.