John Markoff Podcast and User-Created Content Article

While Jon Pareles weighs in on the impact of Monday’s unanimous decision by the US Supreme Court may have on technology development, and Jon Healey covers a “…handful of companies [that] are trying to build an audience for legal file sharing, enabling people to swap songs for a fee, not free,” New York Times technology reporter John Markoff takes the issue a step further with a feature in the Business Day section about user-created content. Here’s an excerpt:

NY Times:

Inexpensive to create and worldwide in reach, the new Internet services are having an impact far beyond the file sharing at issue in the Supreme Court’s decision on Monday, which focused on copyright violations using peer-to-peer software.

Indeed, the abundance of user-generated content – which includes online games, desktop video and citizen journalism sites – is reshaping the debate over file sharing. Many Internet industry executives think it poses a new kind of threat to Hollywood, the recording industry and other purveyors of proprietary content: not piracy of their work, but a compelling alternative.

The new services offer a bottom-up creative process that is shifting the flow of information away from a one-way broadcast or publishing model, giving rise to a wave of new business ventures and touching off a scramble by media and technology companies to respond.


Markoff also mentions the recent wikitorial experiment by the Los Angeles Times, which I told him about last week when I interviewed him for my “On the Record…Online” podcast, in which I talk to journalists about how technology has changed the way they gather and cover the news.

I still haven’t uploaded Markoff’s interview, which was recorded via Skype Out and HotRecorder, because half of the interview has only his answers, and not my questions, due to a technical snag of some kind I am yet to fully understand.

I am currently deliberating whether or not to try and dub in my questions after the fact — if I can even remember them — or whether or not I should try and rebook the interview and record it again. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below.

Anyway, I hope to have it up shortly, so subscribe to my RSS feed if you want to get it as soon as it’s up.

Markoff also writes about Apple’s announcement at Gnomedex over the weekend that they are adding podcasting functionality to itunes.