As best-of-breed, software as a service solutions mature, and business users become more reliant in their features and capabilities, supporting the integration of cloud stacks from different providers has become riskier and more challenging than ever to assemble and support.

Trading off the breadth and depth of disparate point solutions in exchange for an integrated, all-in-one stack was the message Zoho CEO and Founder Sridhar Vembu (@svembu) shared in his keynote at the Zoholics 2018 user conference this week in Austin, Texas.

It was their largest event to date, with nearly 200 partners and 800 users registered.  Zoho, a business software provider that grew from a CRM company into an end-to-end, business software solution is currently in use by roughly 33 million users worldwide.

If you've never heard of Zoho, here's what CRM and SCRM author, consultant, speaker Paul Greenberg, who was also in attendance, says about them:

Innovators are people who introduce new ideas, practices and products.

Their ideas are new to us, they change the way we see things and open us up to unconsidered and more effective ways of approaching challenges and solving problems.

Leaders are very much the same.

Both are willing to take risks and challenge the status quo for sake of what could and should be.

That's tough to do.

Particularly at big organizations that have been doing things the same way for decades.

So change management is really just another form of leadership training.

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