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Sep 03, 2015

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IN THIS EPISODE:  Find out SAP is using eLearning to drive adoption of their latest software products, and why social networks will need better legal chops to stand up to DMCA take down requests from sleazy operations like Ashley Madison


Eric and Paul discuss Ashley Madison’s attempt to use the DMCA to get online publishers not to share their customer list, and the inherent tension social networks face as news providers, particularly if they lack the legal chops to stand up to take down requests under the Fair Use Doctrine.


With cloud, mobility and big data reshaping the way information technology is delivered and consumed, agile business is critical to driving fast implementation of new software and services.

In this podcast, Paul and Eric talk to Nir Rostoker, VP of UX and Mobile, Solution and Packaging at SAP, and openSAP e-learning architect Katrin Elk and about how they used an online course and a crowdsourcing initiative to drive and scale adoption of SAP Fiori, a new user experience-building tool for SAP software. Enthusiasts built more than 1,500 Fiori apps, driving word-of-mouth awareness of both the product and the openSAP e-learning platform.

SAP has been expediting sales cycles by connecting buyers with customers from similar verticals in the SAP Community Network, which Paul and Eric covered in their B2B marketing book, so it’s fitting to see SAP take the lead on the use of e-learning to drive technology adoption as well.

Jun 12, 2015
Content Marketing Strategy Expert Mike Moran

Former IBM Distinguished Engineer and Content Marketing Strategist Mike Moran shares his content marketing strategy template for B2B marketing practitioners.

How do you conduct B2B content marketing when your competitors are already way ahead of you?

When the first-mover advantage is gone, what is your content marketing plan for competitive differentiation?

How do you deliver a content strategy to a client with unrealistic goals? Read the rest of this entry »

May 05, 2015

In this episode of For Immediate Release B2B, Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman interview SAP Head of Social Business Sarah Goodall and discuss the risks of relying on social networks to deliver news in a democracy, Sprinklr’s Get Satisfaction acquisition, Meerkat and Periscope.

Fair use is an essential tool for journalists, enabling them to draw upon copyrighted material in the name of the public’s right to know. But who decides what constitutes fair use in a medium that spans the globe? Read the rest of this entry »

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Mar 27, 2015

How Tobacco, Oil and Gas Deploy Doubt to Stifle Regulators [PODCAST]


Siegfried Fred Singer is an Austrian-born scientist who oversaw research for the tobacco industry questioning the health risks of smoking and a consultant to the fossil fuel industry who denies peer-reviewed scientific evidence of climate change.

Despite the fact that 97% of climate scientists agree that human activity is having a significant impact on climate change, only 50% of the general public holds the same view.

This disconnect between scientific consensus and public opinion is nothing new.

Businesses that oppose policy changes that threaten their interests have long used paid experts, faux public policy foundations and outright lies to create doubt in the minds of the public going back to the 1950s.

Numerous examples of these practices are exhaustively documented and analyzed in Merchants of Doubt, a book by Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes and CalTech science historian Erik Conway.

The book shows how a small number of politically conservative but academically respected scientists have been involved in campaigns to cast doubt on everything from the dangers of tobacco to evidence of an ozone hole to the debate over climate change, and how public relations executives used the now repealed Fairness Doctrine to convince media organizations give disproportionate attention to minority views in the interest of stirring up controversy.

documentary based on Merchants of Doubt is now in staged release and will be widely available this summer. Eric saw it and calls it the most important documentary he’s ever seen. Paul listened to the 13-hour audiobook and calls it “life-changing.”

Naomi Oreskes, an American historian of science who serves as Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard, joins us to discuss how commercial interests use doubt to block change and how to know when science is being manipulated in this way.

Merchants of Doubt has been praised – and attacked – for telling with “brutal clarity” the unsettling story of how a loose knit group of high-level scientists with political and industry ties ran effective campaigns to mislead the public and deny conclusive scientific evidence that had withstood critical review by a jury of scientific peers with nothing more than circumstantial allegations.

The book also identifies parallels between the climate change debate and earlier controversies over the adverse health impacts of smoking in which big tobacco funded research intended to delay regulatory and legislative action by spreading doubt and confusion on the scientific consensus that smoking is dangerous to your health.

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Paul Gillin is a veteran technology journalist and a thought leader in new media. Since 2005, he has advised marketers and business executives on strategies to optimize their use of social media and online channels to reach buyers cost-effectively. He is the author or co-author of five books, including Social Marketing to the Business Customer (2011), the first book devoted entirely to B2B social media marketing. He is also a social media trainer and coach at Profitecture, a training firm for B2B companies and their channel partners.

Send Paul an email or connect with him on Twitter: @pgillin

Eric Schwartzman is a digital strategist with 15 years of experience selling and leading teams on the agency side in the development and delivery of innovative integrated marketing initiatives for multinational corporations, NGOs, federal government agencies and military commands. He is a frequent speaker at conferences all over the world on the topic of how technology is changing the way organizations communicate and the way people use media and information.

Follow Eric on Twitter at @ericschwartzman.

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Feb 17, 2008

On the Record…Online with Disneyland VP PR Duncan Wardle


On the Record…Online with VP Global PR Disney Parks & Resorts Duncan Wardle
Vice President of Global PR at Disneyland Resorts Duncan Wardle goes On the Record…Online to discuss the impact social media has had on marketing Disneyland Resorts in the digital era.
This podcast was recorded at the 2007 Public Relations Society of America International Conference in Philadelphia.
Duncan Wardle is Vice President of Walt Disney World and Global PR for Disney Parks. His current role encompasses the strategic development and execution of PR campaigns designed to raise awareness and increase intent to visit Disney Parks worldwide. Mr. Wardle’s team launched the company’s first word-of-mouth and online social network campaign, enlisting thousands of evangelists and leveraging their passion for the brand to convert new audiences. He also oversaw the first global PR campaign conducted by Disney Parks in celebration of Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary. Prior to his current role based in Orlando, Fla., Wardle has served in an executive PR capacity for the Walt Disney Company in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, London and Paris.Show Notes:
3:25 – Wardle discusses his role in the launch of Disneyland’s podcast.
3:51 – Wardle on the promotional benefits of podcasting.
5:12 – Wardle on increasing transparency without destroying suspension of disbelief.
6:17 – Wardle on appealing to younger generations who are impervious to traditional media.
8:10 – Wardle on the current challenges of marketing Disney, an iconic American symbol, to the international community.
9:18 – Wardle on the future strategy of Disneyland Parks evolving in order to maintain the standard of excellence for theme parks worldwide.
10:03 – Wardle shares words of advice for PR professionals moving forward in the digital era.
11:25 – Wardle on his presentation at the PRSA 2007 International Conference.
11:47 – Wardle explains how people can subscribe to the Disneyland podcast.
11:53 – End
Schwartzman is also the managing director of Los Angeles PR firm Schwartzman & Associates.

The Social Media Boot Camp comes to Los Angeles, August 16-17, 2010. Bring your laptop, log on and learn the ins and outs on social media engagement and SEO. Sign up at
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Jan 27, 2007

Digital Conversations about PR Podcasts


Doing a little Saturday morning ego surfing, I blogpulsed On the Record…Online against and For Immediate Release and Inside PR, two excellent PR podcast I enjoy listening to regularly. And it appears people really are listening. Well, I guess I’ll keep talking.
I couldn’t find the way to post a live chart that would always be up to date. If anybody reading this knows how, please advuise and I’ll update this post
The Social Media Boot Camp comes to Los Angeles, August 16-17, 2010. Bring your laptop, log on and learn the ins and outs on social media engagement and SEO. Sign up at
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