Professor Jeremy Bailenson stands in front of the computers that render the virtual world seen through the headset.

Could Virtual Reality bring us world peace?

If you're not using VR as a family entertainment attraction, then maybe.

"There's a reason people aren't playing video games for ten hours a day in VR," says Jeremy Bailenson, founding director of the Virtual Human Interactions Lab at Stanford University.

"VR's not for being used all the time.  It's for... intense, teachable a-ha moments."

Jeremy talked to Kara Swisher about the release of his new book Experience on Demand, which looks at the psychological effects of VR, rather than just entertainment, and how it could be used to help


Social media marketing is no longer enough. You need a social media literate workforce, says Jeanne Meister, best-selling author of The 2020 Workplace.

Social media literacy is the understanding how to use social media both inside and outside the organization in a safe and secure way to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Historically, the rich memorialized their legacy by commissioning portrait paintings of themselves, which they displayed proudly above their mantles to mark of their conquest. Coco Chanel refused this inspired, arresting portrait of herself by Marie Laurencin, because it didn't provide the ego boost she sought. The...