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And I hate self help books. In fact, if there was such a thing as self help book repellant, I'd cover myself head to toe before entering an airport book store. I put self help books in same category as shack-rahs, crystals, aroma therapy and life...

As best-of-breed, B2B lead generation CRM software as a service solutions mature, and business users become more reliant in their features and capabilities, supporting the vertical integration of cloud stacks from different providers has become riskier and more challenging. Trading off the breadth and depth of...

Now that we know Cambridge Analytica used psychographic advertising for political gain, is the revenue model for Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter a violation of personal privacy?

Should advertisers and developers be allowed to target advertising based on psychographics profiles?

That's the question everyone's asking, despite the fact we willingly surrender any reasonable expectation of privacy every time we share our personal opinions online.

Social networks have been segmenting based on psychographics for over a decade now.  We should all know by now that if the media we consume is free, we're the product.